Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who may apply for the new temporary visitor driver's license?

The new TVDL-NS, available in December 2013, is a driver’s license available to undocumented drivers with non-immigrant status who have resided in Illinois for a minimum of twelve months and are not eligible for a SS#.

When will the new TVDL become available for Immigrants?

Under Public Act 97-1157, immigrants who cannot obtain a Social Security Card may apply for a TVDL, beginning in early December 2013.

How Long is the license valid for?

Valid three years maximun; no renewal options allowed. Must re-apply as a new applicant presenting all required documents for verification.

What is it Valid For?

Valid for driving only. Not valid for identification. A TVDL is marked "Not valid for identification." A TVDL DOES NOT allow the holder to board an airplane, enter a federal building, register to vote or apply for a Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card.

What Tests Must Be Passed?

Must pass vision, written and road exams

What Driver Service Facilities Issue Licenses?

TVDL applicants can only apply at specifically designated driver’s services facilities. (not all driver’s services facilities will process the new TVDL-NS) Applicants must schedule an appointment in advance for all transactions. No drop-ins.

What documents are required?

Various documents required, including those that prove at least 12 months of residency in Illinois. A list of required documents needed to apply for a TVDL is available at

When do you get the license?

If eligible, a TVDL will be issued at a later date. The license is not printed at the facility the applicant visits. It will be printed at a central location after the Secretary of State's office has verified documents and a facial recognition search has been completed.

What is the fee?

Fee is $30

What happens if caught driving without insurance?

if a person with a TVDL is caught driving without insurance, his/her TVDL is invalid. The driver will be ticketed for driving without insurance as well as driving without a license. The TVDL will be valid upon obtainint liability insurance.

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