Oct 19 – Town of Cicero Community Center

We had a great turnout for Rep. Hernandez’s TVDL seminar in Cicero, Illinois, with nearly 1400 people coming out to learn about the process and find out what documents they will need to get the new TVDL-NS. Everyone came with lots of questions and picked up a copy of the Secretary of State’s 2013 Rules of the Road. Families and friends sat down and listened quietly to the presentations by the Secretary of State’s office. Over the course of 4 hours we presented the information several times, with new people trailing in during lunch breaks and walking in when they saw the crowd of people in the Town of Cicero Community Center.

Sept 21 – Piotrwoski Park in Little Village

Casa Mexico-USA and State Rep. Lisa Hernandez were surprised to see more than a thousand Chicago-area residents crowd Piotrwoski Park in Little Village to learn more about the new Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (TVDL-NS) that will be available in December to eligible undocumented Illinois residents. Those attending were able to ask questions of representatives from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and the Illinois Department of Insurance, and get information from the Illinois State Police, Illinois Latino Family Commission and the DHS Illinois Welcoming Center.

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